What I Ate Wednesday #64

december 11 meal 4


What I Ate Wednesday #64

Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re having a great week! Can you believe that Christmas is in 2 weeks! Oh my goodness I can’t! I haven’t even started any of my holiday shopping yet!! Ugh! But instead of focusing on the hustle of the holiday season, let’s focus on some delicious and healthy meals! I hope you enjoy! Have a great day friends! :)

Meal #1

What I Ate Wednesday #64december 3 meal 4 375x500

Yes, I am using the same picture as last week because I ate the same thing ;)

PB Puffins and a Banana Cream Protein Shake

Meal #2

What I Ate Wednesday #64december 11 meal 4

2 rice cakes topped with sunflower seed butter and some scrambled eggs with spinach and portobello mushrooms

Meal #3

What I Ate Wednesday #64december 10 meal 2

Egg and egg white omelete topped with Vietnamese cinnamon and some low sodium turkey breast

Meal #4

OMG this was AMAZING!!!! Oven baked cajun salmon over steamed spinach, roasted asparagus and a cranberry and goat cheese quesadilla. Weird combo, but DELICIOUS!!!

Meal #5

What I Ate Wednesday #64december 10 meal 1

Ok, I know this looks kind of gross, but it was delicious!! Ricotta and pumpkin mixed together with pumpkin pie spice and topped with chocolate chips! :)


*Have you started your holiday shopping yet?

*Are you planning to make any special dishes this holiday season?

*Most importantly, have you joined the WIAW party yet? If not, click below to get all the details!

What I Ate Wednesday #64wiaw what i ate wednesday button happy healthy holidays

As always, a huge THANK YOU to Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting this weekly food fest! :)

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