This is a list of some of my favorite fit ingredient brands. These are the things that I will not go a week without buying….and you will find in a lot of my recipes!

Calabro Fat Free Ricotta Cheese – this cheese has no fat, no salt and no preservatives added! It has a neutral flavor, so it adapts well to almost any recipe!

Fage Greek Yogurt – Fage comes in a variety of flavors. I purchase the 0% plain and use it in many of my baking recipes to add moistness.

Food For Life (All Things Ezekiel) – I buy bread, tortillas, english muffins, hamburger & hotdog rolls. These products are high fiber, higher protein, low sodium and full of fiber!

Shirataki (Tofu Noodles) – I swear by these noodles! They are an amazing pasta replacement if you’re looking for a lower calorie, lower carb meal. I love to add them to bulk up my meals.

Vermont Creamery – I am in love with their cheese! The Quark and Fromage Blanc make great sour cream substitutes! The goat cheese is also exceptional creamy!

Bob’s Red Mill – Almost all of my baking products are Bob’s Red Mill. They have such a wide variety of products; baking and non baking! Although they are a bit more expensive, I feel they are worth the money!

Optimum Nutrition (Protein) – I use both the Gold Standard Whey and Casein in many of my recipes. They are very clean and have few additives.

Nectar Sweets (Protein) – This protein has AMAZING flavor and does wonders for enhancing flavor in many of my low carb baking recipes! My favorites are Vanilla Bean Torte, Strawberry Mousse, Chocolate Truffle and Cappuccino Latte.

SunWarrior(Protein) – This is my newest protein find! It is amazing to bake with, is vegan, low in calories and full of good for you ingredients!

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