Quickie Holiday Workout with The Get In Shape Girl

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Quickie Holiday Workout with The Get In Shape Girl

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend!! I am really excited today because I have an extra special post! With the holiday season quickly approaching us, the food normally begins to become the center of most of our days. The days are shorter and darker, its colder and we are busy running around doing all of our holiday errands. The first thing that normally gets pushed aside is our workout! So, today I have Kyra, from The Get In Shape Girl here to share with you some great ways to stay in shape and get the workouts in during the craziness of the holiday season! Now, none of us (including myself) have any excuses! ;)

Thank you so much for joining us today Kyra!! :)

Quickie Holiday Workouts with The Get In Shape Girl

Happy Monday y’all! :)

I am interrupting your regularly scheduled drool-worthy recipe post from Sarah today to give you some fantastic workout ideas to help you squeeze in a quick sweat sesh during the holidays!

Thankfully Sarah’s recipes are healthy, because otherwise we’d all probably be 20 pounds heavier from trying all of her delicious foods. So in order to keep you from gaining any weight at all during the holidays when we tend to get off track, I’m going to give you three exercise tips to help you get in the most effective workouts in a super short amount of time.

1 – Lifting weights will give you the most bang for your buck. Now, I’m not talking bicep curls or tricep kickbacks here. As a matter of fact, I’m not talking about any isolation moves like quad extensions or chest flies either. I’m talking big, compound movements. Think about push ups with prone rows or squats to overhead presses (aka the thruster.)

What you want to do here is grab a set of dumbbells or barbell you can crank out some reps with, but something that is still going to challenge you. Here’s an idea of a quick 10 minute workout you can do. This is called an AMRAP, or, as many rounds as possible. For ten minutes you are going to do 10 lunges with bicep curls, 10 squat to overhead presses and 10 push up with alternating prone rows. You’re gonna get your heart rate way up there AND build muscle mass while doing it!

2 – Maybe you don’t have any weights at your house and you definitely don’t have the time to change, get your kids a sitter or in daycare, drive to the gym, think about what you’re gonna do, do the actual workout, chat with your friends that are inevitably going to interrupt you… You know how it goes. You need to do something and fast before you lose motivation.

It’s all good – just use your own body weight. Moves like squat jumps or burpees between walking lunges, push ups and sit ups are a fantastic way to get your heart rate up. Now you’re workout is quite cardiovascular in nature. For me, just doing a few sets of squats isn’t going to send me into major fat burning mode, but now if you make me add in 10 burpees, 15 clapping push up and 20 jumping lunges I’m going to be DYING, but in a good way.

So try this… 100 squats, 90 mountain climbers, 80 tricep dips, 70 jumping lunges, 60 seconds wall sit, 50 sit ups, 40 squat jumps, 30 lateral lunges, 20 clapping push ups, 10 burpees. It should take you about 15 minutes if you go fast enough. You will be out of breath the whole time, you will be sore the next day and you need nothing but your own self!

3 – If weights aren’t your thang and you are still dying to get out of the house to free your mind from cooking, shopping or in-law stress, do some sprints. Any anaerobic activity (without oxygen) is best for fat loss. It uses fat as fuel, allows you to retain your muscle mass and it speeds up your metabolism.

If you have a long enough drive way you could sprint down and back, every minute on the minute. Hills are awesome too! If you have a hill in your neighborhood you could sprint up it, then take your time coming back down, resting twice as long as it took you to sprint up. And of course if there’s a local high school track nearby, drive there (yes, I said drive, not jog because we are all about saving time) so you can really kill it once you are there. One time around is 400m, so mix it up doing a couple of 400’s for time, or 200’s or 100’s. Today I did ten, 100m sprints, every minute on the minute and my heart rate was 170 bpm and I burned over 200 calories.. in ten minutes!!!

Now you know exactly how you can get in a really quick workout that will help you maintain or build muscle mass, burn nothing but fat and speed up your metabolism so you can maintain or IMPROVE your lean physique during the holidays!

If those workouts weren’t enough, you can download my FREE ebook, 40 Fierce Finishers for a Fit Physique here: http://www.askthegetinshapegirl.com/hiitebook – it’s 40 workouts that can be done in 20 minutes or less from home or the gym with minimal or no equipment!

What’s your favorite quickie workout that you can always squeeze in no matter how busy you get?

Leave a comment below!


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Thank you again Kyra for joining us today! Now, I am off to the gym to lift some weight!! :)

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