You want to get into shape (well, a different shape anyway) but can’t seem to get motivated.

You go to the gym, but haven’t a clue what sort of workout will be best for you, and the gym rats aren’t much help.

You’re intimidated by the gym nuts, and all the equipment there is too busy, too complicated and just plain takes too much time.

You can never find a parking spot at the gym.

You’re sick of working out, working out, working out, and yet never seeming to get anywhere.

You looked into a personal trainer, but it was so expensive, and it was *still* at the gym that was so darn busy/far away/packed/overwhelming.

Let’s face it, many of us just seem to have so many obstacles to getting fit and just need some help to get on the right track and help us stay motivated.

Videos don’t work – they get boring, same old stuff. And they don’t tell you how to do the exercises correctly.

You don’t have a full gym in your garage (because you don’t have a garage!), and don’t want to.

6455005_s - CopyWhat if:

  • You could get a customized workout designed specifically for YOU, in the comfort of your home?
  • You could have oversight and advice from an experienced personal trainer – on *your* time?
  • You had someone to motivate you and keep you moving forward towards your fitness goals?
  • You *knew* that the workout you had was one set up based on what *you* needed?
  • You could have the one on one contact to work on not just your exercise, but on your diet, your habits, your relationships with food, work, people and your life?

You can have all that. And a personal trainer too!

Get Fit with Sarah!

I am a certified trainer with many years of experience working with people to get them on, and keep them on track to finding greater fitness.

And now I’m bringing my program home. To YOUR home.

You can get personal training oversight of your workout without paying the high price of on-site personal training in a gym. You save money, time, and gas.

Don’t you want to get fit, right in your own home? I even have an extensive collection of tasty recipes you can incorporate into your lifestyle to help you get to fit even faster!

Here’s what you get:

  • an in-depth assessment to help me create the right routine for you, right online
  • monthly custom designed training routines, updated and made available to you online – no fancy equipment required!!!
  • weekly check-ins with me
  • access to your workout, updated information, tracking and all workout data on your computer, tablet or smart phone
  • a free copy of my new recipe book – The Fit Dish, Volume 1
  • emailed handouts for motivation, tracking, etc.
  • wellness coaching, to train your mind and habits along with your body, for a total mental and physical fitness solution

6403379_s - CopyYou owe yourself the love.

You owe yourself the extra years.

You owe yourself the TIME.

Take advantage of this unique program and see the change you can make in your health, your energy, and your image in the mirror.

Give it a try!

Click here to sign up now for Get Fit with Sarah, and take back your fitness!

P.S. If you really want to ramp up the volume and go the extra mile, uplevel yourself and get coaching with me, one on one or in a group. I’m a certified health and wellness coach, and combined with my personal training experience and weight management experience with my hundreds of clients over the years, believe me when I say I can help you not just get fit, but help you create a total plan to

  • get fit
  • eat what is right for you
  • lose weight, if you need it
  • learn to lower stress and find your life enjoyment
  • get to a place of ‘oh yeah’ when you wake up in the morning (instead of ‘oh crap’)

Get the vibe, get the energy, get the attitude, get a whole body and mind makeover with me, and lets work together to create your personal Health Recipe.

Join now!

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