Recipe Development

I would love to work with your brand to create recipes using your products that both you and your customers can enjoy. These recipes can be used on your website, social media channels or in any other agreed upon ways. Please contact me HERE for my rates. (Long term relationships/projects with brands are preferred)

Reviews & Giveaways

I am available to write about your products and share giveaways on both my website and social media channels with brands and companies that I believe in. If you have a product, cookbook, appliance, etc that you think readers of Ingredients Of A Fit Chick would love, please let me know!

Brand Ambassador

If you are looking for a blogger to represent your brand, I can be your product ambassador. This can be done through a series of blog posts and mentions on social media.

Brand Sponsored Travel & Events

I would be more than excited to represent your brand and travel to various events/conferences, headquarters, touring facilities, etc. to learn about your brand, cause or celebrity endorsement. I love sharing my experiences on the road with my readers through blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

Freelance Writing

I am available to write editorial content for your website or publications. You can see some of my current editorial and article offerings here.

Something Else?

Do you have another idea? I’d love to hear it! I am open to whatever creative ideas you might have to expand your brand reach, if I feel they are beneficial to my blog and helpful to my readers. Let’s work together!