Frozen Coconut Key Lime Pies

Frozen Coconut Key Lime Pies

Frozen Key Lime Pies 5

Frozen Coconut Key Lime Pies

I am keeping the treats cool, simple and delicious because this Arizona heat is brutal! ? Really, I am not complaining. I would take this over the cold any day! But, it’s a great reason to make frozen desserts! This easy recipe has all the refreshing summer flavors like lime and coconut and requires no baking! What could be better than that!

I hope you enjoy! Have a great day!



Frozen Key Lime Pies 4

Frozen Coconut Key Lime Pies   Prep time 10 mins Total time 10 mins   Author: Sarah Recipe type: Dessert Serves: 4-6 Ingredients

  • ½ cup Key Lime Pie eggwhites*
  • ¼ cup coconut cream
  • 6 tbs low fat cream cheese
  • ¼ cup shredded coconut, optional
  • 1 tbs key lime zest
  • sweetener, as desired
  • 6 graham crackers
  • 1 tbs coconut oil, melted


  1. Add all ingredients through sweetener to a bowl and mix with a hand mixer
  2. Crush graham crackers and mix with melted coconut oil
  3. Evenly divide key lime pie mixture between 4-6 silicone cups
  4. Top with crumbled graham crackers
  5. Gently press crackers into mixture
  6. Freeze 6-8 hours or until set

Notes *can be subbed with any pasteurized egg white, milk or even yogurt. 3.2.2925
Recipe adapted from this one.

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