Bacon Topped Mac & Cheese

Bacon Topped Mac & Cheese

Bacon Mac & Cheese 3

Bacon Topped Mac & Cheese

Those comfort food cravings are on high! I can’t even get enough! After making this recipe a few weeks back, I was craving it again! I used the same recipe but used this high protein pasta, dubliner cheese and finished it off with some crumbled bacon! Let me tell you, this is a match made in cheesy, goodness heaven!

Get the original Mac & Cheese recipe HERE and then follow the instructions below for this delicious twist!

Bacon Topped Mac & Cheese   Author: Sarah Recipe type: Dinner Serves: 6 ramekins Ingredients

  • Find the original recipe above and then swap in the ingredients listed above. I left the oatbran crumb off the top here, but feel free to add it if you’d like for that extra crunch!
  • I made these in individual dishes, so the baking time was half


  1. Follow directions as listed in recipe

Bacon Mac & Cheese 2Bacon Mac & Cheese 1

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