Surf N Turf CauliRice Bowl

Scallop Chorizo CauliRice Bowl 2A

Scallop & Chorizo CauliRice Bowl 2

Scallop & Chorizo CauliRice Bowl

Can you tell I have been loving all things, quick, easy and Surf N Turf lately? It’s becoming quite the obsession! But, the great thing about these dishes is that you can customize them however you’d like! They are kind of like little Nourishing Inspiration Bowls if you will ? Because I get asked so often what types of dishes I eat, I like to share these simple things so you can see that eating healthy, tasty and easily is fun!

Scallop & Chorizo CauliRice Bowl 3

Surf N Turf CauliRice Bowl   Prep time 5 mins Cook time 10 mins Total time 15 mins   Author: Sarah Recipe type: Dinner Serves: 1 dish Ingredients


  1. Heat tallow in saute pan
  2. Add in caulirice and saute until golden
  3. Remove from pan and cook chorizo
  4. Remove chorizo, but leave the fat in the pan
  5. Pat scallops dry
  6. Add scallops to hot pan with chorizo fat
  7. Sear until golden
  8. Top caulirice with scallops, chorizo, avocado and cranberries
  9. Drizzle with balsamic, if desired

Notes * I used pre-riced cauliflower from Trader Joes, but feel free to make your own at home. Here is a great video

**Can be swapped for ghee, butter or oil of choice 3.2.2925

Scallop & Chorizo CauliRice Bowl 1

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