In Memory Of September 11th

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Tomorrow marks  the anniversary of September 11th. No matter where you were on that day or where you are today, 14 years later, it is a day filled with emotion. For many, these emotions can stir up unwanted or  unhealthy habits. So, this year, I am challenging you to put those emotions to good use. Use them in a positive way to remember those that lost their lives that day and those who worked so hard to help save so many others!

I challenge you to this workout…..that will require a lot of work, energy and emotion to push through! When it begins to feel tough, remember the strength those helping to save lives had to dig deep down to find to continue on or the strength so many had to find to help deal with the loss of those close to them. It might be nice to do this workout with a friend or group of friends (as I will be). When you start feeling like you have nothing left, they will be there to pick you up and support you, just as our country came together during this tragedy.

I encourage you to leave a comment below after you have done the workout with how you felt, who you did it with, your time…..or better yet, a quote or note about the day or to someone you may have lost! You never know who you might encourage!

Let our hearts, minds and bodies be with those who lost their lives tomorrow and give thanks to those who spent endless hours saving so many others!


September 11 Memory Workout

 For Time:

2001 Meter Run (1.25 mile) (Year Of The Tragedy)

92 Body Weight Squats (92 People American Air Flight 11)

64 Sit Ups (64 people United Air Flight 175)

64 Kettlebell Swings (64 people American Air Flight 77)

44 Burpees (44 people United Air Flight 93)

125 Walking Lunges (125 people Pentagon)

2823 Meter Run (1.75 miles) (Total Lives Lost)

**Recover, with a moment of silence and thanks**

Workout Modified From Crossfit Infernal  — THANK YOU for this inspiration on a hard day!

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