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Quick & Easy Breakfast Tostada

Happy Sunday! I just whipped up this quick recipe for brunch and wanted to share it with you! It was so simple and delicious, I couldn’t resist!

 I had a batch of these delicious tortillas made with cassava flour in the fridge (I always keep some on hand) and then I cooked up a few eggs , tossed on some pico, sliced avocado and brunch was served! Easy, peasy! I highly recommend keeping a batch of these tortillas on hand for quick meals like this!! 

I hope you are having a great holiday weekend!


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Breakfast Tostada
Prep time
Cook time
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Recipe type: Breakfast
Serves: 10 tortillas
  • ⅔ cup cassava flour
  • 7 eggwhites
  • ¼ tsp garlic
  • ¼ tsp onion powder
  • white or black pepper
  • salt, as desired
  • water, as needed
  • 2 eggs
  • ¼ avocado, sliced
  • ¼ cup pico de gallo
  1. Mix together all ingredients for tortillas
  2. Allow batter to sit 10 minutes
  3. If batter is too thick add in water, 1tbs at a time until a pancake like batter is formed
  4. Heat non stick pan over medium heat
  5. Drop batter into pan in and swirl around
  6. Cook until edges begin to firm
  7. Flip and cook for an additional 1 minute
  8. Repeat until all batter is cooked
  9. Cook 2 eggs as desired
  10. Place 1 egg, sliced avocado and pico de gallo on top of tortilla
  11. Enjoy!
*add or adjust spices as desired


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