Dessert Baked Sweet Potato

Desert Baked Sweet Potato 1A

Dessert Baked Sweet Potato 1

Dessert Baked Sweet Potato

Happy Tuesday Friends! The latest YouTube video is up for this tasty and healthy dessert!

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Serves 1 A sweet twist on a savory potato! Write a review Save Recipe

Print Prep Time 5 min Total Time 5 min Prep Time 5 min Total Time 5 min Ingredients

  1. 1 small baked potato
  2. 1/4 cup greek yogurt
  3. 1/3 scoop Jamie Eason Lean Body For Her Natural Whey Protein
  4. 1 tbs Sweet Spreads CocoNutter Chocolate Brownie
  5. 1-2 tbs peanuts


  1. See video for full directions


  1. Nutrition: 1/1 servings
  2. Calories: 335, Protein: 14g, Carbs: 37g, Fat: 16g

By Sarah Ingredients Of A Fit Chick

Desert Baked Sweet Potato 3

Lean Body For Her Whey Isolate Protein Powder

Sweet Spreads CocoNutter

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