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From Gym Rat to Yoga Mat

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I am really excited to kick off 2015 on a healthy note! You all know that I am really into yoga! It is my balance outside of the weight room and my time every week where I can unwind both mentally and physically. So, I thought it would be really exciting to have Angela Wagner, the owner of YogaSport Dallas, spend some time with us today talking about how yoga can help you too! This time of year many people stress over having to hit a gym to gain health benefits! But you don’t  necessarily need to be in a gym to better your health! Just check out what Angela has to say below! :)

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Hey y’all, my name is Angela Wagner and I am the owner of YogaSport in Dallas, TX. I am honored to be a guest writer on Sarah’s amazing site.  Today I am sharing my unexpected journey into yoga and how it can transform lives!

When I look back at my life a decade ago, I never would have guessed that I’d be practicing, much less teaching, yoga. As a young adult, I preferred a hard-core gym workout. I pounded weights and was an aerobics junkie. Step class was my jam.  But to my surprise, and, after feeling a little lost navigating my way out of college and into the real world, I found myself curiously approaching a power yoga class at my gym. That was in 2002. Now, in 2015, yoga is such an important part of my life.

Here are six reasons why:

AngelaAssisting1 (1)

  1. It helps keep the (inner) peace. You know those negative thoughts you have about yourself when you look in the mirror?  Yeah, those nasty thoughts.  Well, you are not alone. We all have those inner demons that tell us we aren’t good enough, smart enough, attractive enough, etc.  Those thoughts are poison, plain and simple.  Being on your yoga mat, breathing and moving, allows us to silence those inner thoughts and accept what is happening and who we are in every moment. Yoga requires us to concentrate and focus on the posture we are in versus letting our minds wander to unnecessary negative spaces.
  2. It helps with impulse control so you don’t slug that guy who just took your parking spot.   You know that jerk at the mall who swoops into the space you have been waiting for (which you clearly indicated was yours by properly utilizing your blinker)? In the moment, it’s tempting, and so easy to react by blaring your horn and yelling expletives out the window.  But yoga teaches us to take a deep breath in, and a deep breath out, before we do, say, or act on anything.  In a challenging pose such as Warrior 2, it’s tempting to fidget, grab a drink of water, or get really angry at the teacher for holding you so damn long.  Whether it’s a physical, emotional, or mental sensation that’s happening, we learn to stay, breath, and be with whatever is going on in our lives. Yoga teaches us to use our breath to calm down, access, and move on with grace and ease versus reacting negatively to the situation at hand.
  3. It makes you feel like queen of the world. Power yoga makes you strong. It’s an empowering physical workout that will challenge every muscle and bone in your body.  You will leave practice feeling like you did something you didn’t think you could.  It gives you confidence and inspiration. And really, who doesn’t want that?
  4. It allows you to forgive… and move forward. You know that ex-boyfriend who still lurks in the back of your mind? The client who wrote a bad review of your product?  The friend who lied to your face?  Yoga helps you release the negativity and anger and gives you the time and space to feel your emotions.  Instead of stuffing down your anger with wine, bad reality TV, or a venting sesh with your bestie, the practice encourages you to feel the emotions, experience them to their fullest, and then, let them go.
  5. It makes you bendy. Everyone knows that yoga makes you more flexible.  You may be thinking, why do I care, I am not going to be in Cirque du Soleil in this lifetime?!  While that might be true, you probably do want to move easily and effortlessly in your body.  Gaining more flexibility means you increase your range of motion to swing a golf club, chase after your toddling nephew, and get that box off the top shelf.  Being bendy is not only cool, it’s practical.
  6. My personal fav – It gives you energy. While it may be easier to order a triple shot espresso from Starbucks, yoga gives you natural energy that you can maintain throughout your entire day.  The practice allows you to release tension and gain mobility in your muscles, fascia, and joints, which, in turn, gives you energy.  Do this simple experiment for me: make a fist with your hand, squeeze it as tightly as you can for 30 seconds, and see how much energy it takes to hold your muscles.  This is a great example of how stress affects us physically.  It’s exhausting.


So, whether you are a gym rat, couch potato, or non-believer, I urge you to find a yoga class, podcast, or a home DVD and try it out.  It’s  2015. It’s the perfect time to break through fear and doubt and try something that will make you feel better. There are so many different styles of yoga, I guarantee one will fit you and your body. What do you have to lose?


About The Author
Angela Wagner is a Dallas, TX based yoga studio owner, teacher, trainer, life coach, wife and mother.  She has been in the fitness and wellness industry since 2000 and continues to study with her yoga mentor and teacher, Baron Baptiste.  She invites you to visit her blog, life, unscripted, where she shares about her life, family and yoga.


Angela, THANK YOU so much for being here with us today! I hope everyone has been inspired to try a yoga class in the 2015 year! Angela has also so kindly offered everyone here at Ingredients Of A Fit Chick 30% off at her store!! Isn’t that amazing!!!

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