Cinnamon Apple Pork Tenderloin

Cinnamon Apple Pork Tenderloin 1A

Cinnamon Apple Pork Tenderloin

Happy Friday! I hope you had a wonderful holiday! Today I am sharing a quick and tasty recipe for a Cinnamon Apple Pork Tenderloin. With only a few ingredients you can whip up this delicious, sweet and savory dish! I hope you enjoy! Have an amazing weekend!


Cinnamon Apple Pork Tenderloin 3

4 Sweet apples and warm cinnamon give this regular pork dish a fall inspired twist! Write a review Save RecipePrint Ingredients

  1. 1 lb pork tenderloin
  2. 2 medium apples, diced
  3. 2 tbs Sweet Spreads Cinnamon Roll CocoNutter


  1. Cook pork according to directions
  2. Saute diced apples in pan
  3. Mix in coconutter
  4. Spread apple mixture over cooked pork tenderloin
  5. Serve with steamed broccoli


  1. Nutrition: 1 out of 4 servings
  2. Calories: 285, Protein: 28.8g, Carbs: 15.6g, Fat: 13.2g, Saturated Fat: 7.7g, Sodium: 71mg, Fiber: 3.7g, Sugar: 10.5g, Net Carbs: 11.9g

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