Are You A Stress Eater?

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The next few weeks can be the most enjoyable time of year or they can be the most stressful time of year. Last minute running around, shopping, wrapping, holiday parties, school plays, cooking/baking, food, wine…..FOOD!! There is so much to do and not enough time to do it! But when life gets stressful, how do you release that stress? Are you like many where you turn to food? Today I am going to share a few strategies to help you manage stress eating. These tips will be helpful not only over the next few weeks, but also throughout the year! Because we all know that stress isn’t only a 1 time of year thing!

  1. Have a solid daily nutrition plan. Making sure to eat a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats throughout the day will keep your emotions in check.
  2. Do a hunger check. Check in to see if your feelings for food are physical or emotional. Wait 20 minutes before eating if you feel they are physical.
  3. Don’t deprive yourself. Many of us are working towards a weight loss goal. This could lead us to forgo treats, eat the same foods over and over and exercise too much. This will lead to cravings and binges and put your body in a state of stress.
  4. Be mindful. Do not eat while reading, watching tv or doing another activity that will take your focus off the food. This will increase the likely hood that you eat too much or make a poor choice
  5. Stop when you stop. That means, stop eating when you stop tasting the food. When you have reached this point, you no longer need more.
  6. Drink some tea. Green tea can help calm you down and lower high blood pressure
  7. Stock up. Keep healthy snacks on hand for times when you need something quick or have an urge to eat.
  8. Remove temptation. Get rid of the foods that you have a tendency to reach for when stressed. This will leave you to reach for those healthy snacks you have on hand instead.
  9. Get some sleep. Lack of sleep will increase your cravings. Being well rested arms you with the best chance of handling stress better.
  10. Deal with it. If you have a great deal of stress, find a way to manage it. Yoga, dance, meditation, exercise, etc. Find a healthy outlet either alone or better yet, with a loved one!

I hope some of these tips will allow you to relax into your eating and not use food as a form of stress release. If you are having a hard time managing your stress and would like to discuss some personalized options, head HERE to schedule a complimentary session. Together we can create a plan that will leave you happy and healthy during the next few weeks!

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