Easy Ways To Increase Your Daily Movement

Easy Ways To Increase Your Calorie Burn 1

Easy Ways To Increase Your Calorie Burn 1

With the holidays being in full swing, the first thing to go for many of us is our exercise regiment. We have so many things to do, places to be, late night parties (that include lots of drinking and eating) that it leaves little time for exercise. Although we should be making our workouts a priority, some days it’s just not possible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your calorie burn up! Include a few of these tricks everyday to keep your activity level up. You will be surprised how even these small things add up to a lot over the course of the holiday season!

  • Take a quick walk (even around your office) during lunch
  • Walk instead of drive wherever you can
  • Do yard work
  • Shovel instead of snow-blowing
  • Do sit ups or squats in front of the tv
  • Get off the bus or train 1 stop early
  • Work around the house
  • Pace the sidelines at kids athletic games
  • Park a few spots further from the door at the stores
  • Exercise at home with a video
  • Play with your kids for 30 minutes
  • Dance
  • Walk quickly while at the mall
  • Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator
  • Walk to a co workers desk instead of sending an email
  • Be a fidget and tap your toes under your desk
  • Take a walk after dinner with the family
  • Carry your grocery bags instead of using a cart
  • Spend time cooking healthy meals (cooking is a great calorie burner!)
  • Bake cookies as a family
  • Take the kids ice skating
  • Go sledding

The list could go on! Getting in movement doesn’t mean being in the gym! Pick 2-3 of these to try each day and over the next month you will reap the benefits! How do you sneak in some extra calorie burning during the holidays?

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