Apples, Apples All Day Long……


Fall may quickly be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean apples become any less tasty! Not only are apples one of my favorite ingredients because they are naturally delicious, but they are also loaded with vitamins and minerals!

The top health benefits of apples include:

  • They have about 4g of insoluble fiber per medium apple (that’s 1/6 of your daily requirement!)
  • They are loaded with Vitamin C (helps protect your immune system)
  • They aid in weight loss by satisfying hunger and keeping you full (thank you fiber!)
  • They help lower your risk for heart disease, diabetes and stroke
  • They keep your teeth healthy (If you can’t brush after lunch, crunch on an apple!)

Apples also come in quite a large variety, so there is sure to be one that you will enjoy! Some of the most popular kinds include:

  • Macintosh
  • Cortland
  • Granny Smith
  • Red Delicious
  • Golden Delicious
  • Gala
  • Pink Lady
  • Fuji
  • Empire
  • Jonathan
  • Macoun
  • And MANY, MANY more!

So what do you do once you have selected your favorite apple? You bake with it, of course! You can grab my tasty, apple recipe over at the Fabletics Website! This recipe is the perfect way to enjoy the flavors of fall!

Share with us how YOU most enjoy using apples?

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