Staying Organized During The Holidays

Staying Organized 1

As most of you know by now, I am running a **FREE** 4 part teleseminar series as my gift to you this holiday season! (You can get all the details HERE) Last week we talked about ‘Staying Organized.’ Keeping our lives in order during the holidays can be very difficult for many of us. So, for those that missed last weeks call, I wanted to share with you some of the tips that I had to offer, plus some of the other amazing suggestions from those who attended!

1. Have a calendar (or use cell phone)

  • This will be most critical tool
  • Keep it handy

2. Write down important dates and times

  • Party dates
  • Shipping dates
  • Travel dates
  • Kids activities

3. Make grocery lists/present lists

  • This will keep you focused when going shopping.
  • Save time

4. Preplan recipes/meals

  • Pick out recipes you’d like to make for the upcoming week/month
  • Know not only main meals but also snacks
  • Plan for days/nights when away from home
  • Food prep Sundays
  • Meal Swap with a friend
  • Ask kids to help (if old enough)

5. Create Budgets

  • For presents
  • For wrapping/decorations

6. Create checklists for presents

  • Check off each as purchased
  • Will prevent  duplicates
  • Sense of accomplishment

7. Delegate out holiday tasks to family members (if possible)

  • Have each report back once they have completed their task


  • If you can’t find a gift, don’t run all over creation looking for it. Shop online or swap it for something else they may enjoy

I hope some of these tips will help you stay organized this holiday season! Don’t forget, there are still 3 more parts to come of this **HOLIDAY PRESENT** :) Next week we will be discussing everyone’s favorite topic, NUTRITION! Head HERE to register!

Also, if you have some other great tips that you would love to share with us, please leave them in the comments below! The more information we all share, the easier it will be to make everyone’s holiday as ‘organized’ as possible!

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