Tips To Keep Yourself Feeling Full Longer

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It seems to be coming up a lot. My clients are telling me that no matter how much they eat, they can’t seem to stay full for very long! My first response to them is:

“In the summer, we tend to crave lighter foods and do not need as much to keep us satisfied. But the summer has come to an end and we are heading into the colder months. Our bodies are designed to want to increase their calorie intake so that we are prepared for ‘hibernation’ in the winter” Although, this ‘need’ to store extra calories in the winter is not necessary anymore; our bodies do not know the difference. You will find that your cravings are now for the heartier meals like pasta dishes, stews and root vegetables. All the delicious, warm comfort foods that come along with the colder months…..and with a larger waist line most times!

I thought it would be a great time to share some of my favorite tips for keeping yourself full longer. These tips will allow you to feel satisfied and achieve your fitness goals without that increasing waist! My top 10 favorite tips are:

  1. Eat more broth based soups – the liquid in the soup will help keep you full
  2. Increase your consumption of leafy greens – you can have a large portion for minimal calories!
  3. Eat more fruit – fruit will help to naturally satisfy a sweet tooth with less calories
  4. Increase your fiber – fiber keeps you full
  5. Eat Nuts – a small handful (about 26) will help tide you over until your next meal
  6. Increase your H2O – water not only helps keep your energy levels up, but also helps keep you full
  7. Eat moderate protein – protein in the form of lean meats, fish and dairy are the number 1 satiating food
  8. Enjoy your food – taking time to savor each bite will make you feel more satiated automatically!
  9. Eat more veggies – low carbohydrate veggies such as cucumbers, broccoli, asparagus, etc will give you more bang for your calorie buck
  10. Eat seasonal – fruits and veggies that are in season have a much stronger flavor than those that are out of season. They will naturally taste better!

Incorporating some of these great ideas will not only benefit your health with all the added vitamins and minerals that you will be taking in, but it will also keep you energized and feeling your best!

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