Now that the warm weather is here, it is nice to escape the gym and enjoy some fresh air! Try this amazing outdoor workout this summer! Not only will you burn calories, but you’ll also get in a good dose of Vitamin D! 


The Outdoor ’30’ Workout

1) Jumping Jacks – 30 seconds

2) Pushups – 30 reps (drop to knees if needed)

3) High Knees – 30 seconds

4) Squats – 30 reps

5) Mountain Climbers – 30 seconds

6) Walking Lunges – 30 reps each leg

7) Lateral Jumps – 30 seconds

8) Bicycle Crunches – 30 reps 

9) Plank – 30 seconds



Make sure to leave me a comment and let me know how you enjoyed this awesome workout! If you are looking for more workouts, head HERE to get a custom designed plan! 🙂 

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