Reebok Nano 4 & The Crossfit Games

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Reebok Nano 4 & The Crossfit Games 

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week! As promised on Monday, I am sharing with you the awesome day I had last Friday at the Reebok Crossfit Games in Canton, MA with some amazing FitFluential girls!

When FitFluential asked me to bring coverage to you all live from the games I was ecstatic! These athletes are intense! Of course they send us gear so we would be decked out for the day!

nano 7

We received super comfy Reebok workout pants, a Crossfit t-shirt and a pair of the Nano 3 sneakers! I don’t think I could have been more comfortable for the day! These sneakers are awesome! 

nano 1

The other girls also received similar clothing and sneakers too!

nano 4

We all had a different color shoe! How great are the colors?!! Even more exciting is that the new Nano 4 will be coming out in July!! The Nano 3 is super comfy so I can only imagine how awesome the Nano 4 will be!

nano 8

nano 9

These were on the back of the bleachers!! We even got to spend a little bit of time with the Nano 4….

nano 10

You know, just hanging out with the shoes! ;)

nano 11

Although we didn’t get to try on the new Nano 4, all of the athletes were wearing them at the games! We got to meet Austin Malleolo before the afternoon games

crossfit 4

And he was wearing the new Nano 4

nano 12

Isn’t it a great looking shoe?! I can not wait to get my hands on a pair because the Nano 3’s are sooo comfy and the Nano 4’s are crazy stylish!

But besides getting to check out all the new Reebok gear coming to everyone soon, we also got to spend some time with Christmas Abbott!!! Holy amazing!

crossfit 12

crossfit 5

For those of you who aren’t big into Crossfit, she is one of the leading ladies of this sport! She spent some time with us telling her story and it was so emotional and inspirational! (P.S – My tank is one from her new line Cupcakes and Kettlebells! ;))

And of course, we also got to enjoy the games!

crossfit 9

Team Events earlier in the day……

crossfit 11

Mens and Womens individual games later in the day!

crossfit 10

The WOD was: Nasty Girls!

It is 3 rounds for time:

50 pistol squats

7 muscle ups

hang cleans for 10 reps

It was INSANE!!!

We also got to play around in the Crossfit Box for a bit:

crossfit 2

And of course, take lots of photos!! :)

crossfit 3

crossfit 8

From left to right:

Jill from

Joanna from

ME :)

Allie from

It was such an amazing day with these ladies and the Reebok Team!

Make sure to head HERE to check out the preview of the Nano 4 so you can be one of the first to grab a pair….like me! ;) In the mean time, if you want to snag a pair of the Nano 3’s head HERE! You know I am particular about my footwear and these sneakers rock!

Again, a huge THANK YOU to the FitFluential team and the wonderful people at Reebok! They gave us such an unbelievable experience! Kaylee and Katherine, if you are reading this…..Thank you both so much! :) It was a pleasure spending the day with you!

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