What Are The ‘Best’ Foods To Eat?


What are the best foods to eat? This is a great question that my clients often ask me. However, there is not one straight forward answer. There are a lot of great foods out there; oatmeal, beans/lentils, sweet potatoes, greek yogurt, salmon, fresh berries, green vegetables and nuts/seeds. But what qualifies a food as “The Best”? Many people might answer with, the food is deemed healthy, it is packed with vitamins and minerals, it does not have refined sugars, or it is low in calories. All of those would be great responses! Yet, not one of those responses could specifically tell you what the best foods for you are!

We are each our own person. Some of my ‘best foods’ might not be the same for you. Each of our bodies needs are different. For example, I need extra iron in my diet, so some of my best foods include red meat, spinach, broccoli, beans and pumpkin. However, you might be allergic to beans or have a distaste for red meat or even have problems digesting vegetable such as beans and broccoli. Thus, my best foods would not be yours.

This is why we work together to create your ‘best foods’ ingredients list. We will create a recipe for your health by coming up with delicious and healthy meals that use your specific foods. This ensures that not only will you be getting in an abundance of vitamins and minerals, but that you are also enjoying those recipes along the way! Life should be delicious…….Are you ready to create your ‘best foods’ list?

*What foods are on your ‘best foods’ list?

*What is your favorite vegetable?

*Do you have a favorite dish that combines several heart healthy foods?

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