What Are Some Good At Home Workouts?

At Home Workout


What Are Some Good At Home Workouts?

This is one of my favorite questions because the answers are endless!!! There are so many great workouts you can do at home with very minimal exercise equipment. My favorite way to get in a quick workout with a big calorie burn is to do a circuit. What is a circuit? It is a group of exercises done in sequence for 2+ rounds. The circuit can be done with or without weights and is cardiovascular because your heart rate is up! Most of the time you will see total body circuits, but they can also be broken down by body part.

Here is an example of a Shoulder and Ab Circuit that I did at home on a snow day:

  1. Standing Single Arm Kettlebell (or dumbbell) Shoulder Press
  2. Bent over Dumbbell Rear Dealt Flies
  3. Standing Dumbbell Front Raises
  4. Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raises
  5. Standing Dumbbell Arnold Presses
  6. 30 Bicycle Crunches
  7. 30 Floor Crunches
  8. 30 Leg Lifts
  9. 90 second Treadmill Sprint

I followed this with a 30 second rest and then repeated the circuit 3 more times for a total of 4 rounds. I did 12 repetitions of each weighted exercise.

When I work with my clients, I make sure that the exercise programs that we design are conducive to your lifestyle and your fitness goals. You do not need to have a fancy gym to be healthy. You just need a ‘recipe’ designed specific to your health. Exercise is a major ‘ingredient’ to this recipe. It is my goal to make sure that you have a recipe that is specific to you!

*What is your favorite at home workout?

*What equipment, if any, do you have at home?

*How often do you workout at home?

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