Under Armor 39 Heart Rate Monitor Review

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 Under Armor 39 Heart Rate Monitor Review

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Under Armor

Happy Tuesday!! I am really happy to be back and sharing amazing recipes, products and fitness information with you all! Today, I am excited to share with you the new heart rate monitor from Under Armor! When FitFluential gave me the opportunity to test this new product out I was so excited! Having a heart rate monitor to use during my runs or weight lifting workouts helps keep me working at my potential! :)

When the box first arrived I was blown away by the packaging and how awesome it looked! It had a gorgeous case! Very appealing to the eye!

Of course, I quickly pulled it out of the box and tried to set it up right away!

The cool thing about this new heart rate monitor is that it can sync with an app on your iphone so you can get immediate updates and tracking on your heart rate, calories burned and “Will Power”. I tried to install the app on my iphone, but for some reason it wouldn’t load. I reached out to the people at Under Armor and they quickly set up a conference call with me to get things fixed! Unfortunately, we couldn’t get it to load on my phone (probably my fault because I am so horrible with technology). But instead of being left with a strap that I couldn’t use, Under Armor sent me the watch instead! :)

As soon as the watch came, I got myself all set up! The watch was very easy to set up with all my personal information. I put on the heart rate strap, synced my watch and started my run!

I couldn’t even feel the strap while I was running, which was AMAZING! Normally I am fidgeting around with my other one and it is very uncomfortable, but not this one. I didn’t even remember it was there!

When I was done running all of my data had been logged and I could easily scroll through to see it all! I love how it shows you everything in real time and I don’t have to worry about going home to upload anything!

The only thing that I wasn’t a fan of was the size of the watch. As you can see, it is pretty darn BIG. I have tiny wrists so the watch was a little too heavy and annoying for my small arms. It would have been perfect if I could have synced to my phone! Instead I let the watch rest on the treadmill in front of me!

Overall, I would give the heart rate monitor a 9 out of 10! I love being able to see how hard I am working and to not be able to feel the strap while I was running was like a dream! I am so excited to continue using it in all of my workouts!!

*Do you use a heart rate monitor?

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