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How to slice tri tip

How to Slice tri tip, Cut, and Grill Tri-Tip the Youtube

Step-by-Step Guide – Learn How to Slice Tri Tip Like a Pro in Just a Few Simple Movements When it comes to cooking tri tip,…

What does savory mean

What Does Savory Definition Meaning in Collins English Dictionary

Anchovy vs sardine

Anchovies vs Sardines: Exploring the Key Differences Between

Anchovy vs Sardine – Which Fish is the Better Choice for Your Health? When it comes to seafood, anchovies and sardines are two of the…

how to store sourdough bread

Best Practices to How Store Sourdough Bread

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simple smile

What I Ate Wednesday #2

What I Ate Wednesday #2 Happy Wednesday! I hope you are enjoying your week! I am back for week two of WIAW! Another delicious day…

Fall Harvest Breakfast Bowl 1

Fall Harvest Breakfast Bowl

Fall Harvest Breakfast Bowl Hey Everyone! The latest video is up on YouTube for this healthy & hearty Fall Inspired Quinoa Breakfast Bowl! Fall Harvest

Cinnamon and Sugar Farro Bites 1

Cinnamon & Sugar Brown Rice Bites

Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a great (long) weekend! Today’s recipe is a bit different, if you will!  I had some left over cooked…

PB Chocolate Chip Brownies 1

PB Chocolate Chip Brownies

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! I traveled up to New Jersey for the first time since moving. It was so nice…