Where In The World Have I Gone???

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Happy Monday! I hope you are all doing great! It has been awhile since I last posted something! I feel like a small piece of me has been missing since I haven’t connected with you all much. Don’t worry though, I will be back!

Last Monday I promised that I would be sharing some news with you. Well, I decided to make the news a little bit more exciting…and interactive!!! :)

As most of you know, my summer has been very busy. But I haven’t mentioned why. Well, I was offered a new job position in another state and I accepted! Yes, that means I have been packing and unpacking for most of the last few weeks AND that I no longer live in New Jersey!

It also means that I haven’t had any time for new recipe creations :( Things are going to be a bit busy for awhile, but once I am back in a routine, I promise the recipes will be back! I won’t be disappearing forever! :)

I know, now you want to know WHERE I am living and WHAT I am doing, right?! Well, this is where the interactive part comes in! :) **You all know I love games**

So, this is how we are going to play! The person who guesses

A) What state I moved to


B) What I am doing for work now

will win $20 worth of product (of your choice) from iherb.com :)

If no one guesses both correctly, the person with the correct state and closest guess on my new job will win! :)

The contest will run from 7:00am EST on Monday August 19, 2013 until 11:59pm EST on Wednesday August 21, 2013.

I will announce the winner on Friday, August 23, 2013.

Anyone is welcome to make a guess, however, to win you must be a US Resident.

**There are a few of you who know the answers, therefore, you are not eligible to participate in the contest — Sorry! **

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