Mizuno Wave Sayonara Sneaker Review


Mizuno Wave Sayonara Sneaker Review

Happy Tuesday! I hope you kicked off the week with a great day yesterday! Only 2 more work days until the holiday! Are you excited? I know I definitely am! I will be heading to Cape Cod (with the other 900 million people) to try and get in some beach time! But before we ‘run’ off into the long weekend, I wanted to share with you these awesome sneakers that I was given the opportunity to review a few weeks ago!

(Disclosure: The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno)

For my long time readers (and instagram followers) you know that I live and die by my Mizuno running sneakers! The Inspires are the only sneaker I will run in…..or race in! They have taken me through thousands of training miles and every single marathon. I actually have all of my race sneakers saved — you should see the colors Mizuno has done over the years ;) So, when they asked me if I would review their new Wave Sayonara (to be released July 5th) I was beyond excited!

Just a little information on these beauties:

*The Sayonara is the lightest of all Mizuno running sneakers

*They are light, low to the ground and definitely make your runs super fast!

*They are a performance neutral sneaker but have a support element if you need it! (Like me)

*They have rubber soles for flexibility and also have excellent traction!

*Plus they come in amazing colors like these (also white/lime/blue)


When I opened the box I was so excited to see the color of these!!

I know I don’t post many self portraits on here or Instagram, but if you saw my workout wardrobe, you would KNOW I love bright colors! haha The brighter the better in my opinion! Working out needs to be fun! :) But not only was I in love with the colors (because they are bright and match almost my entire workout collection), but they were also extremely light weight! That was a huge plus for me! I hate feeling like I have bricks on my feet. The lighter the better!

The fabric is also very light — almost mesh like, which is great for ventilation! Especially in those long runs — I know my feet get really warm!

I really wanted to take them out for a run as soon as I got them, but since it was later in the day and I had already worked out, I took the around the block for a relaxing walk instead! I was in love within 30 seconds! I was sooo excited to put these babies on a treadmill! haha

So, of course the next morning that is exactly what I did! Although, my running has been limited since my injury after January’s marathon, I have getting in a few shorter runs here and there. So, I was happy to get in a great 3 miles with these!

They were amazing! Light, flexible yet sturdy and most of all insanely comfortable! I think my inspires got a bit jealous watching me enjoy my run in them so much! ;)

P.S – Yes, I did put my compression socks on for just 3 miles! haha

Although these are considered a “running” sneaker, many of us also use the same sneakers for weight training too! So guess what, I brought them to the gym with me when I went to go pump some iron ;)

Just as comfortable! I felt like my feet were floating while walking around in them! I like to do a lot of standing exercises (to engage the core) so having a comfortable and supportive sneaker while lifting is also important to me! These almost made me feel like I was wearing no shoes at all! Perfect in this summer heat! :)

Finally, I took them on the elliptical for a 30 minute HIIT workout and well, as I’m sure you can guess, they were just as comfortable!

Overall, I can only say that I am totally in love with this sneaker! There isn’t a single thing about it that I didn’t like! Although, I will say that when I return to long runs again, my tried and true Mizuno Inspires will be my partner in crime! ;) I will be using the Sayonaras now for short runs and definitely weight lifting!

Like I mentioned above they go on sale Friday!! Yes, this Friday July 5th! I know you can’t wait to try them out! :)

Also, make sure to follow Mizuno on Twitter @mizunorunning

And if you want some more information on the sneakers or the Mizuno Mexamashii Project you can check out these awesome links!




*Have you ever worn Mizuno before? If so, which sneaker?

*Do the Sayonaras interest you?

*What is your favorite color sneaker?

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