What I Ate Wednesday #46 – Some Of My Favorites


What I Ate Wednesday #46 – Some of my favorites

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a great week! My week has been quite busy since I am playing catch up from all my sick days last week plus I am in the midst of doing health histories for school! They are very exciting, but time consuming! :)

This week I decided to share with you a few of my favorite meals/snacks from the last week, plus the ‘recipe’ for one beautiful parfait that I posted on instagram yesterday! I found a few new foods this week too, so it has made my meals even more exciting!!! And believe it or not, you won’t find one dish with kabocha in it! Sad, but true. I ran out of my grilled kabocha on Sunday and have decided to give it a back seat to some of summers lighter veggies….it just felt too heavy to be eating in this heat! ;) I hope you enjoy!

A new pancake recipe that I am working on (recipe not ready yet) made with rice bran* and a side of cinnamon cottage cheese topped with pecans and a sliced fresh apricot and plum!

TVP mixed with white chocolate protein powder and no salt cottage cheese and topped with pecans, sliced fresh apricot and plum (Yes, I bought a large container of both apricots and plums at Trader Joe’s so I am using them like crazy!)

Snackity snack! 2 rice cakes topped with coconut butter and fresh strawberries on the side! (Sorry for the big bite and half the missing strawberries….I was starving!)

This salad was AMAZING! :) Butter lettuce topped with tomato, avocado, ground turkey breast, carrots, sauerkraut (no salt version I found at Whole Foods!!!!)* and Teff*. For the dressing I mixed nutritional yeast with some black pepper and coconut milk!

By far the best meal of the week!!! Fresh seared ahi tuna on toasted GF bread with chipotle seasoned greek yogurt (no mayo in this house friends!), lettuce, fresh sliced tomato and black pepper seasoned avocado! And of course my favorite side, crispy brussels sprouts! This meal was AMAZING!

Of course, what would be a week without my famous frozen greek yogurt bowl? This week fresh sliced strawberries and pecans are topping it! I have been having so much variety in this dessert that I am starting to want them all every night! Maybe a mixed berry next week? ;)

OK, and now for the recipe that I promised on IG yesterday! This was delicious, totally weird and super easy! :)

Yes, I was eating a parfait while driving yesterday…….everyone on the road was safe, don’t worry! ;)

Teff Parfait

1/2 c greek yogurt mixed with chocolate stevia

1 small banana sliced

1/4 c cooked teff

2 tbs peanut flour mixed with water

as many raspberries as will fit in the top of the jar ;)

Layer all ingredients and eat with an extremely long spoon so that you can get a bit of each layer in one bite!

Who ever would have used teff in a parfait? I had some extra from a batch I made the other night and I didn’t want to throw it away! Those are solid carbs in there! It couldn’t have been a more perfect post lifting snack! Plus it makes this parfait GF too!


This week’s new foods were rice bran, teff and no salt sauerkraut!

*Have you tried any of these foods?

*What is your favorite grain?

*Have you noticed a shift in your meals with a change in the weather?

*Most importantly, have you joined our WIAW party yet? If not, click below to get all the details!

And as always, a big THANK YOU to Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting this weekly food fest! :)

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