What I Ate Wednesday #44 – The Good & The Bad


What I Ate Wednesday #44 – The Good & The Bad

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a great week! This week I am bringing back a few more delicious snacks that I have been enjoying over the last week! And one not so yummy one! But before we dive into the food, I wanted to share something with you from yesterday that took my already amazing day to a whole new level of amazing! :)

Yesterday I picked up my phone after yoga and opened my instagram account. It was loading and then the icon popped up that I had 6 new comments. I opened the page to see who had left a comment and although I value every comment, there was one particular one that stood out!

WHAT!!??? Tosca Reno is my all time biggest inspiration!! I have been reading her books since the first one was released years ago!!! She is such a beautiful role model and I felt truly honored that she personally commented on my recipe! I was a giddy fan follower for the rest of the day yesterday! ;)

OK, so now that I have shared my happy moment with you, let’s move onto the food!! I know you are all dying for those pics! ;) Here is the good……………………

This was my way of satisfying a savory craving last week! A brown rice tortilla stuffed with avocado, cinnamon sweet potato and no salt turkey breast with a little veggie pepper seasoning!

I absolutely LOVE fresh apricots, so this little recipe was a brown rice wrap with 1.5 tbs almond butter and 2 sliced apricots.

This delicious treat is greek yogurt mixed with vanilla cream stevia, sweetened raw cacao powder, and pb chia layers for a chocolate, vanilla and PB parfait! Topped with my favorite berries! This was heaven in a cup!

Yes, another wrap! Hahaha This one had Artisana raw walnut butter and cinnamon cottage cheese stuffed inside! Love that nut butter!!

*I have also had A LOT of other yummy snacks, but they were recipe tastings for some delicious things to come! So look out! :) *

Then the not so good…………………..

I posted this picture on instagram last Friday. I found these bars at Vitamin Shoppe and was surprised at how similar they were to a Quest bar! Actually, they are almost an exact copy cat in the respect of ingredients, calories, carbs, fat, protein and fiber. Only differences are these bars have WAY LESS sodium (90mg vs 300+mg) AND they taste HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh! It was like eating a bar of chemicals. I only tried the Brownie Blitz because after not even swallowing the tiniest of bites, I don’t think I could stomach any of the others. This is saying A LOT since I have eaten more than my fair share of bars over the years!

So, I can say that this is one snack that I will NOT be choosing again!! :(


*Who is your biggest inspiration in fitness/nutrition? Personally?

*What was your favorite snack over the last week?

*Have you tried these bars? What did you think? If not, what is your least favorite bar you’ve tried?

*Most importantly, have you joined us in the WIAW party yet? If not, click below to get all the details!

And as always a BIG THANK YOU to Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting this weekly food fest! :)

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