Blackberry Hazelnut Bars 1

Blackberry Hazelnut Bars

Serves: 12

Happy Sunday…and more importantly HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you mom’s out there!! I hope you are enjoying your weekend and getting in some extra R & R today! I will not be with my mom today since she is 3.5+ hours away, so I decided to share a recipe with you that she had requested a remake on!

Last Saturday she sent me a recipe for some Raspberry Bars. The ingredient list was:

13oz butter

1 2/3c sugar

2 eggs

3 3/4c flour

1 1/2c chopped hazelnuts

2c raspberry preserves

In the email she wrote, “Here’s a recipe that you would love, but it needs a remake!” Mom Well, of course, knowing that Mother’s Day was next weekend, I immediately started working on a remake for her! I switched up the ingredients (obviously) and cut the recipe in half because there was just no need for that many bars for such few people! What came out of the oven were the most delightful, sweet, healthy bars!!! I couldn’t believe how delicious they tasted! Of course, after I tasted my one, I photographed them and sent the rest on their way to Massachusetts for Mom to enjoy!! :)

So, in honor of my mother today, you have a wonderful recipe that would make the perfect addition to any day of the week! I hope you enjoy them! :)

Fit Ingredients

  • 1 2/3c (200g) oat flour
  • 3/4 c baking stevia or sweetener of choice
  • 1 1/4 c (288g) yogurt (I used a regular non fat yogurt, but feel free to sub in greek)
  • 1 large egg, beaten
  • 3/4 c (84g) roasted and chopped hazelnuts (no salt added)
  • 3/4c + 1tbs (221g) blackberry jam (or jam of choice)


  • 5×7 in baking pan
  • non stick spray



1. Pre heat your oven to 350 degrees.

2. Spray your baking pan with non stick spray.

3. In a bowl mix together your oat flour, sweetener, yogurt and beaten egg.

4. Fold in your hazelnuts.

5. Spread 2/3 of your batter evenly in the baking dish.

6. Spread your jam on top of the batter.

7. Drop/spread the remaining batter onto of your jam.

8. Bake for ~ 35 minutes or until golden.

9. Allow bars to cool.

10. Refrigerate for 6-8 hours, slice and serve! :)

These bars are AMAZING!!! I love the unexpected crunch and flavor from the hazelnuts baked into the dough. The jam just finishes it off with the perfect sweetness!!!

What did mom think? She LOVED them! She text me as soon as they arrived and said, “I hope those bars are low fat because I just ate 4 in 15 minutes before dinner! They are excellent!” THAT makes them a win because she is the manager of a bakery, so that makes her one tough critic! ?


Nutrition: ( for 1 out of 12 bars*)

Calories: 142.3, Protein: 5.3g, Carbs: 18.8g, Fat: 6.0g (1g Saturated), Sodium: 19mg, Fiber: 2g (Net Carbs: 16.8g)

*I actually ended up slicing mine into 16 and they were perfect!


*Are you a mom?

*How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?

*What is your mothers favorite dish/dessert?

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