What I Ate Wednesday #41 – The Birthday Edition


What I Ate Wednesday #41 – The Birthday Edition

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a great week! For a girl who had a pretty relaxing weekend, I am feeling very tired this week! Maybe it’s the sugar coma from Saturday still lingering around?? Just Kidding! ;) As promised on Monday, I am sharing some of my birthday eats with you for this weeks WIAW!!

My birthday was officially on Sunday, but the boyfriend and I decided to celebrate on Saturday because Saturday’s are always more fun than Sunday’s ;) Saturday morning I enjoyed a yoga class with my favorite teacher, Kelly. After yoga I came home, showered and made my first meal of the day (which wasn’t until about 12:30pm — I know, I know, but it’s my birthday and I’ll be behind schedule if I want to! haha) I was famished!

Pancakes with wild blueberries, cottage cheese and sautéed brussels sprouts….because no meal is complete without brussels!

Then we were off to run some errands….hopefully exciting errands that I will be able to share more details about soon! ;)

The boyfriend had planned to take me rock climbing (since I have been asking him to go for 3yrs now) and then for Mexican food, but he chickened out at the last minute and said he wasn’t going to climb, so the plans changed quickly! We went home, showered and drove into NYC. Thankfully there was no traffic like last time!

I had a Quest Cookie Dough Bar in the car on our way

Because yes, the amazing people at Quest sent me this amazing box of bars to sample and review for you…so of course, I jumped right into that! (Review coming soon!)

Then we walked around Soho and did some shopping. Well, sort of. The boyfriend got a bunch of shirts at Lacoste and I got a cute pair of flats at Aldo for $29.98! Score! Love bargains!

Then we headed over to my favorite restaurant

This restaurant is soooo delicious! All of the meals are so fresh! They offer gluten free, vegan, organic and free range meals! So many delicious things to choose from, but the boyfriend and I always get the same thing!

For an appetizer we had:

A hummus and pita platter! I dipped the tomatoes in the hummus and the boyfriend had the pitas! Soooo yummy! We were starving so the whole thing was gone in about 2 minutes!

For dinner the boyfriend had

their infamous taco salad with grilled free range chicken! This salad has lettuce, organic brown rice, black beans, chips, guac, salsa, sour cream and queso fresco! It is soooooo delicious!

I had my favorite salad

The chopped salad which is butter lettuce, red peppers, tomatoes, roasted corn, feta and grilled free range chicken with oil and vinegar! I always try and recreate this salad at home, but it’s never the same…..their chicken is just too good! I also ate some of the boyfriends tortilla chips! ;)

After dinner we headed out of the city (with no traffic luckily) and stopped to get froyo on the way home.

I was so disappointed in the flavor selection, but still managed to walk away with a delicious combination: Strawberry Cheesecake and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie! Mmmm….. (The boyfriend got plain vanilla — no picture required ;) )

We brought the froyo home to enjoy with my birthday cake! :)

We couldn’t find the regular candles so the boyfriend stuck the “3″ from his “30″ candles last year in my cake and sang! haha

I made this cupcake recipe into a cake by doubling the ingredients and baking it in 2 6-inch cake pans. I stuffed the middle with fresh raspberries and (since I am not huge on frosting, but the boyfriend is) used TruWhip on the outside of the cake. The boyfriend devoured his (minus the raspberries, go figure!) and I had a few bites and then enjoyed my froyo!

I finished the night off with a Quest PB Crave

because all I really wanted at the froyo place was peanut butter and chocolate and they didn’t have PB. So I was still craving the combination! The PB Cups defintiely hit the spot!

Sunday morning I woke up to thisIt was like my heart rate monitor was saying “Happy Birthday — Go workout because you know how much chocolate you enjoyed for your Birthday!” ;)

The boyfriend and I did some cardio and had a great upper body weight workout too! After the gym, I went home to shower and change and while I was getting ready my doorbell rang……The boyfriend had these gorgeous roses delivered to my door!! They were the size of a tree (the picture does no justice to them!) They were so vibrant and full of life! They definitely made my day!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, went to the movies to see The Big Wedding and eating tons of veggies!!!

So that my friends is how this Fit Chick spent her weekend! Very low key and relaxed — my favorite way to spend it!! I know….I’m old and boring! hahah


*Have you ever been rock climbing?

*Do you always order the same thing at your favorite restaurant or do you try something new?

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And as always, a big THANK YOU to the beautiful Jenn for hosting this weekly food fest!

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