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Happy Thursday!! Today’s post isn’t a recipe or a bunch of my meals for you to drool over ;) Today’s post is designed to find out what YOU, my readers, would like to see! As many of you probably noticed, I have a “Fitness” link in the header. If you click on that link it says, “Coming Soon.” It has said this since last November when it was added. The purpose of me adding that link was so that I could start incorporating more fitness related stuff into the blog because as well all know, “Fit Chicks” don’t just EAT healthy, they also workout! :) Well, time has gotten away from me and now, 4 months later, it is about time we put that link to use! :)

I have thought about different options for this button such as: a weekly workout, tips/advice, etc. But honestly, it isn’t about what I need, it is about what YOU would like to see! So, I am asking you to share your thoughts on what you would like to see on the fitness side. Quotes? Workouts? Tips? Advice? Latest Trends? Etc……you tell me! Yes, this blog will primarily stay food related, but I would like to try and work in something 1x a week (maybe 2x) that is related to fitness. Yes, abs are made in the kitchen, but you won’t be truly healthy without getting in some exercise!

So, your job? Leave me a comment below and let me know what would be most helpful to YOU! Anything and everything is welcome! I truly appreciate all of your love and support for the blog (and myself)! I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful group of people to follow this food journey! Let’s expand our journey and take it to new heights! :)

THANK YOU!!! I am excited to read your comments!

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