What I Ate Wednesday # 31


What I Ate Wednesday #31

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a great week! Last Wednesday I was talking about my major slight addiction to kabocha squash and brussels sprouts! It just so happens that this month’s theme for WIAW is “Love Your Veggies”, which we all know I absolutely love!!! This week, you are going to see my addiction full blown! Not until I was about to post these pictures did I notice how bad it is! haha Really bad! I think I need to work on expanding the variety of veggies in my fridge! Just kidding! I do have QUITE the variety, it just so happens that yesterdays meals were full of my two favorites! :)

On a sad note though, the 2 most recent kabocha I bought and roasted were not nearly as sweet as normal. I know this means that kabocha season is beginning to come to and end and that makes me extremely sad! I can’t even tell you how sad! I guess I will have to find an equally tasty replacement! Do you have any suggestions? Let me know! :) Now, onto the meals!

Meal #1

What I Ate Wednesday # 31no image

Before the gym I had a Bumble Bar, greek yogurt and a banana (not pictured)

Meal #2

I know, I need to get better at remembering to take a picture of this meal! Post workout was a smoothie with coconut milk, vanilla whey protein and frozen cherries! (my favorite combo!) :)

Meal #3

What I Ate Wednesday # 31no image

Next up was an egg and egg white omelet with tons of roasted brussels sprouts, half an avocado and a big hunk of kabhocha! Oh yeah! :)

Meal #4

What I Ate Wednesday # 31no image

Almond and herb crusted cod fish with steamed broccoli, roasted brussels and kabocha

Meal #5

What I Ate Wednesday # 31no image

Broiled steak, avocado, broccoli, roasted brussels sprouts and kabocha!

Meal #6

What I Ate Wednesday # 31no image

(Yes, this is a repeat picture)

The same thing I end my day with every day….PB Casein mixed with greek yogurt, frozen and then topped with some almond butter!! Honestly, it doesn’t really get any better than this!

Ok, Ok, I know….this was a pretty darn horrible WIAW!! haha I ate the same foods for the entire day! My fruits are insanely low, BUT at least I got those veggies in (even if it was the same 3 all day long!) ;)


*Do you ever eat the same food numerous times in a day?

*Do you prefer winter veggies or summer veggies?

*Most importantly, have you joined us in the WIAW party yet? If not, click below for all the details!

What I Ate Wednesday # 31no image

And as always, THANK YOU to the beautiful Jenn at Peas & Crayons for hosting this weekly food fest! Feel free to stop by her page to see hundreds of other great meal posts!

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