What I Ate Wednesday #28 (After A 22 Mile Run)



What I Ate Wednesday #28

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a great week! We have rolled around to the second Wednesday of 2013! I can’t even believe it! The days really do seem to fly by more quickly, the older you get! Luckily, Wednesday’s always bring a day full of delicious food!! This week I am excited to share my meals with you! Not because they are anything creative and mind blowing, but because they were all eaten after I finished this run yesterday:

Yes! I got in a 22 mile run before the race! This was my last opportunity to get in a long run before I need to begin to taper. Although I have been ‘tapering’ for the last 4 weeks (haha) I knew I wouldn’t feel 1000% confident about the race without getting in at least 1 run over 20 miles. Thankfully I was able to run it pain free! It actually felt pretty darn easy (all that rest, you know?! ;) )! I could have kept going, but no sense in running more than 22 miles during training and risk injury so close to the race! So, now, unless some freak accident happens, I feel assured that I will be able to run the full race! What a relief! But, enough about my running and onto the food! Normally, I am not hungry the day after a long run….it is normally 48 hours after before my appetite kicks into full gear. But yesterday I was ravenous!!! I loved it! :)

Meal #1

My normal post long run smoothie in a bowl: coconut milk, protein powder, 1c frozen cherries, banana, ricotta and some BCAA’s & Glutamine

Meal #2

A new paleo pancake recipe I am working on…almost perfected! With some sliced pear, clementines and greek yogurt!

Meal #3

I did it again! Same meal as Monday (for those of you following me on IG)! My Baked Sweet Kabocha Squash topped with crushed pecans, steamed carrots, baked herb chicken breast and some cranberries! (Yes, I ate the whole dish of squash!)

Meal #4

sautéed kale and shaved brussels sprouts with ground beef dressed with mustard and ACV. A diced sweet potato on the side! This was sooo good!

Meal #5

A mexican salad: butter lettuce, tomato, avocado, corn, ground beef, salsa, greek yogurt with a squeeze of lime juice and a side of kabocha (which I ate while making my salad ;) )!

Meal #6

This is my latest addiction before bed! 1c greek yogurt mixed with 3/4 scoop chocolate peanut butter casein protein and topped with some PB Crave Cookie Nookie from my wonderful blend Sarah! Some flax cereal sprinkled on top for crunch!

**You will see that my red meat intake will increase from now until race day to help keep my iron levels up! I will always be eating a lot of kale, spinach, etc!


*How is your appetite following a tough workout?

*Do you have any new food obsessions lately?

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As always, thank you to the beautiful Jenn from Peas & Crayons for hosting this weekly food fest!

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