What I Ate Wednesday #18

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What I Ate Wednesday #18

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a great week! Today is everybody’s favorite day of the week…the day where we get to drool see what everyone else has been eating and get that healthy creative spark lit again! With all the new winter veggies out the possibilities on how to make healthy and delicious meals are endless! A few of my favorite in season veggies are spaghetti squash, acorn squash, butternut squash and Brussels sprouts! I currently have all of those, plus some eggplant, cauliflower, broccoli and kale waiting to be eaten! I’d say my refrigerator is 90% veggies, 5% ricotta, 3% eggs and 2% other items! Yes, I love my veggies! Now, if I could only get the boyfriend to eat some! ;)

Meal 1: A cinnamon roll/strudel recipe that half failed! Still working on it though! I will get it! :)

Meal 2: Post workout shake made of strawberry whey protein, coconut milk, banana and some chia seeds! (yes, those are his & hers pre-workouts and post workout smoothies! Aren’t I such a good girlfriend ;) )

Meal 3: Apple & Turkey breakfast scramble (recipe will be posted Friday!)

Meal 4: Egg white crepe with peanut butter and figs (I forgot to take a picture! Sorry!)

Meal 5: Vega Vanilla Chia protein mixed with ricotta and white chia seeds! Protein Pudding!! Yummy! :)

Meal 6: Broccoli, sautéed portobello mushrooms and zucchini and a new turkey meatball recipe I am working on!

Meal 7: This delicious “Black Forest Trifle”…..um, oh yes!! Recipe tomorrow!

I realized that I never include my drinks! I drink 7-8 bottles of water (17oz) a day. I know you’re thinking that is a lot, but I do run a lot too! Not, that I sweat, at all! lol but I still need my fluids!


This month we are also talking about healthy treats! I think my latest craze is mug cakes! I have been eating a different version of one almost every single day! I have come up with more recipes using this than you will believe! Just wait! ;)

*What are your favorite fall veggies?

*What has been your latest healthy ‘treat’?

*Did you miss last weeks post? If so, click here to see what I ate before the marathon!

*Most importantly, have you linked up to Jenn’s WIAW post yet? You know we would all love to see your creative food too! If not, click below for all the details!

And as always, thank you to Jenn for hosting this delicious weekly food fest! :)

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