What I Ate Wednesday #13 – At The Yankee Game


What I Ate Wednesday #13

Happy Wednesday! It’s amazing that we are already half way through the week! That long weekend really makes the week fly by! No complaining from me, that’s for sure! :) This week I am sharing with you some of the amazing food that the boyfriend and I had at the Yankee vs Baltimore game on Saturday! But before I start, let me give you a little background on this day……Last week the boyfriend and I were trying to figure out something fun to do over the weekend. As I mentioned yesterday, we haven’t had much time together because we have both been soooo busy! So, being the last minute planners that we were, Friday, I told the boyfriend we should go to the Yankee game on Saturday. He has season tickets, which are awesome seats, but he told me that he had given them away to a client. So, I told him we should buy some and go since it was going to be so nice out. He agreed. So Friday night he went online and purchased tickets. He told me how we had great seats between 3rd base and home! I was very excited! So, Saturday we got up, got ready, I packed us some sandwiches to eat at the game (because we all know how horrible ballpark food is, plus NYC is required to post nutrition facts on the food, so one look at that and you run away screaming!) and we were off! When we arrived at the stadium, I looked at our tickets so we could find our section, which said 023. Right away I told the boyfriend that I thought we were in a luxury box because of the section number, but he said no, we were along 3rd base line. Well after wandering around looking for our section, I finally decided to ask someone. They told us where to go and that we had to get our ‘wristbands’. Immediately my face had a huge smile on it! Once we got our wristbands, the woman told us how to get to our seats and that “all the food and drinks were included!” This is what we walked into……

Legend Club Seats – The menu for food delivery to your seat..All for free! Seafood bar: crab claws, lobster and shrimp by the piles! Ballpark frank stand with a million toppings! Desserts the size of my head! Ice cream cooler, plus they had a sundae bar (I missed that picture though) Pasta Bolognese and Cesar Salad Bar Breakfast food bar with sausages, eggs, french toast, etc! A create your own salad bar with EVERY topping imaginable! An entire wall of candy: Twizzlers, snickers, skittles, M&M’s, Swedish Fish, etc! Assorted salads: potato salad, macaroni salad, fruit salad THIS is where I parked my butt! Sushi bar galore! I ate and ate and ate sushi until I could barely breath (OK, so we will call it my ‘cheat day’) ;) This is the first plate of sushi I brought the boyfriend outside….plus a cookie, which we didn’t eat, but I had to get just so I could take a picture to show you how INSANELY HUGE it was! Portion control people!!!

There was also a HUGE bar inside (which I also didn’t take a picture of), plus TV screens all over the place! Oh, and the food was on TWO levels, both consisting of the same menu! It was ridiculous! But not only did we have amazing food, but our seats were out of this world…..

Yes, we were 3 rows behind the Baltimore dugout The weather was absolutely amazing! I think I could smell their sweat we were so close! Ewww….. And Jeter is up to bat!

I was sooooo thankful that I packed us sandwiches because I don’t know what we would have eaten otherwise! ;) I inhaled more sushi than a person my size should have and the boyfriend enjoy quite a bit of sushi and tested out the pasta bar, which he said was awesome! Originally we had plans to go for sushi after the game, but given all that we had eaten, we decided to stay home and make a healthy salad for dinner. It’s all about balance! Overall, it was an amazing day filled with fun, sunshine and an insane amount of food! It was the perfect way to end the summer season…..American style! :)

And now that we are in a new month, Jenn has decided September is all about setting goals and good habits! So one goal I would like to set for this month is to make sure I keep balance in my life. The month of August got a little crazy and ‘work’ related things took a lot of my time. I have a lot of exciting things coming up and I want to make sure I don’t stress myself out. So my goal this month is “BALANCE”. Let’s see how good I do at this one! :)

*How was your Labor Day Weekend?

* Did you enjoy any favorite foods?

*What is one good habit you’d like to create this month?

*Most importantly, have you joined us in What I Ate Wednesday? If not, click below for all the details!

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