Rhubarb Protein Pancakes

Serves: 1

It’s that time of year again when fresh rhubarb is in season! I remember growing up my grandparents had a small rhubarb garden at our summer house on Cape Cod. I always look at it wondering what this weird looking plant was. Every summer my grandmother would take the rhubarb and make a strawberry rhubarb pie or crumble. I ALWAYS turned my nose up at it thinking there was no way I was going to eat that weird looking thing from the garden. To be honest, since those days, I still turn my nose up at it, never trying it until this past week. I was at Whole Foods and I happened to see a bag of frozen rhubarb out of the corner of my eye. I don’t know why but I stopped and picked it up. I thought maybe I could buy it and see if I liked it. I knew it wasn’t fresh rhubarb, but it was much less intimidating. I took it home and thought about what I would make with it…I could have done a pie or crumble like my grandmother did, but I wanted something different. Pancakes!

Well, long story short, the pancakes came out amazing and I loved the rhubarb! I made the pancakes again a few days later and threw some strawberries in ? Yesterday, I was on the phone with my grandmother (I hadn’t told her about my rhubarb experience) and she told me how she had just come in from picking some fresh rhubarb and was torn as to whether or not to make a pie or crumble….I just laughed and told her to make sure she saved enough to make one of the two the week of the 4th of July because I was finally ready to try her famous dessert!

Fit Ingredients

  • 1/8 c (15g) oat flour (or flour of choice)
  • 1/8c (11g) vanilla protein powder
  • 5g chia seeds
  • 6g flax
  • 5g psyllium husk (optional)
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 3tbs (46g) liquid egg whites ( or 2 egg whites)
  • 1/2 c (100g) rhubarb
  • 1/8 tsp liquid stevia (or sweetener of choice), to taste
  • 2 tbs coconut milk


Spray your skillet with non stick spray and set over medium heat. Pour 1/3 of the batter into the pan. When small bubbles begin to form on top, flip your pancake and cook for another 1-2 minutes. Remove your pancake and repeat with your remaining batter.

Serve with fresh berries and ricotta, greek yogurt, coconut cream or maple syrup! Whichever you desire! :)

These came out thick and fluffy with amazing flavor! They were packed with rhubarb! They are also LOADED with fiber!!


Nutrition: (for entire recipe not including toppings)

Calories: 236.8, Protein: 21.4g, Carbs: 25.5g, Fat: 9.5g (1g Saturated), Sodium: 81mg, Fiber: 13g (Net Carbs: 12.5g)


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