What I Ate Wednesday…..and National Running Day!

Aside from burning off a few extra cookie calories, running/walking is good for your overall health. It aids in not only weight loss, but cardiovascular health, bone density, sleep, diabetes, cancer, depression, breathing and your energy levels. If those aren’t enough reasons to get outside tomorrow (or to the gym) and run, I don’t know what is!! So, grab your husband/wife, kids, friends or co-workers and get outside and move today in honor of National Running Day! Ten minutes is better than nothing! :) I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Now, onto some of the eats from last Friday on our way up to Boston (I forgot to take a lot of pictures on Saturday! The food always looked so good when it came that I just began eating! I will work on being better about taking a picture first!)

On our way up to Boston we stopped at Rizzuto’s in Stamford, CT for lunch. This italian kitchen makes all of their food with fresh ingredients. Their lunch menu included meat, cheese and vegetable sharing platters, pizza, sandwiches, salads and pasta dishes. The items were extremely well priced!

When we sat down they brought up warm bread with fresh cheese, olive hummus, olive oil and marinara sauce for dipping.

For my main dish I had an amazing salad with arugula, fresh pear, goat cheese, honey-toasted pecans, grape tomatoes and grilled chicken….Sounds like something I’d make at home, doesn’t it??

The boyfriend had a chicken cutlet sandwich with prosciutto and melted mozzarella on a ciabata….it looked delicious!

That night we ended up eating dinner at TD Bank North Garden before the Celtics/Heat game since we ended up in massive traffic on our way down and were running behind schedule. Because of the section our seats were in, we had access to the premium dining restaurants, so we decided to go to Banners Harborview Restaurant. It was a gorgeous, upscale room that overlooked the harbor and had an amazing view of the city! The boyfriend ordered a shrimp cocktail app, caesar salad and a california sushi roll. I ordered 2 rainbow rolls and a california roll. We also had a beautiful glass of Pinot Grigio. The waitress told us that the sushi would take some time since it was made fresh and there were a lot of orders. By the time our sushi came, the game was starting, so I asked the woman to pack up my sushi in a to go container and brought it to my seat!!! So much for our fine dining!

This is what my beautiful sushi ended up looking like……

During the game the boyfriend had a pretzel.

Don’t you just love taking pictures of yourself?? haha

After the game we got some cookies from the best cookie shop in Boston, The Boston ChipYard. I have been going here since I can remember and eating these cookies bring back so many memories! My favorite is the oatmeal raisin chocolate chip……My mouth is beginning to water right now thinking about them! ;)

After the late night cookie snack, it was off to LaLa Land……to wake up on Saturday and enjoy some even finer treats in Boston!

Being fit is all about balance! Not only do we need to eat for our health and to reach our fitness goals, but we also need to relax a bit and enjoy life’s pleasures and the company of the ones you love! Here’s to living a healthy, fit, balanced life! Now, go run! :)

Have you ever been to Boston?

What is your favorite restaurant?

What is your favorite city to eat in?

Join Us In…W.I.A.W!